Arthroscopy shaver blades & Burrs,Shaver Tips, Rotary Bone Shaver Cutters

Arthroscopy shaver blades & Burrs,Shaver Tips, Rotary Bone Shaver Cutters

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Arthroscopy shaver blades & Burrs,Shaver Tips, Rotary Bone Shaver Cutters - Cuchillas y rebabas para afeitadoras de artroscopia, puntas para afeitadoras, cortadores giratorios para afeitadoras de huesos

Arthroscopy shaver blades and burrs are essential tools used in arthroscopic surgery, a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed to diagnose and treat joint problems.

Here is some information about these instruments:

  1. Arthroscopy Shaver Blades:

    • Purpose: Shaver blades are used to remove damaged tissue, cartilage, or bone fragments from within a joint during arthroscopic surgery.
    • Design: Shaver blades typically consist of a sharp rotating blade enclosed within a cannula or tube. The blade rotates at high speeds to cut and suction away tissue.
    • Variety: Shaver blades come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different surgical needs and joint structures. Common blade types include straight, curved, or angled blades.
    • Usage: Surgeons control the movement of the shaver blade using a handpiece connected to the arthroscopic system. They navigate the blade within the joint space to precisely remove unwanted tissue while minimizing damage to surrounding structures.
    • Disposable vs. Reusable: Shaver blades are available in both disposable and reusable forms. Disposable blades are typically used for single-patient procedures to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, while reusable blades can be sterilized and reused for multiple surgeries.
  2. Arthroscopy Burrs:

    • Purpose: Burrs are rotary cutting instruments used to shape or smooth bony surfaces within a joint during arthroscopic surgery.
    • Design: Arthroscopic burrs consist of a rotating cutting head with abrasive surfaces, mounted on a shaft that connects to the handpiece of the arthroscopic system.
    • Applications: Surgeons use burrs to perform various tasks, including removing bone spurs, reshaping bone surfaces, creating channels for tendon reattachment, or preparing bone for graft placement.
    • Types: Arthroscopic burrs come in different shapes and sizes, including cylindrical, spherical, conical, or flat designs. The choice of burr depends on the specific surgical procedure and the anatomy of the joint being treated.
    • Control: Like shaver blades, surgeons control the movement of arthroscopic burrs using a handpiece connected to the arthroscopic system. They can adjust the speed and direction of rotation to achieve the desired bone removal or shaping.

Both arthroscopy shaver blades and burrs play critical roles in arthroscopic surgery, enabling surgeons to perform precise tissue resection and bone preparation while minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues. These instruments contribute to the effectiveness and success of arthroscopic procedures in treating various joint conditions.

Best Medical is the arthroscopy shaver and burrs manufacturer with excellent quality and competitive price  in China!

We fabricate the arthroscopy shaver and burrs with 4 adaptor ends similar as Stryker, Smith & Nephew, Conmed Lavintec, and Arthrex.

The shaver heads include 8 tipes, include double teeth, curved double teeth, full radius meniscus shaver, etc.
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