Femoral Broach(Titanium Nitride),Femoral Rasps,Raspas Femorales Cementadas

Femoral Broach(Titanium Nitride),Femoral Rasps,Raspas Femorales Cementadas

Model No.︰Titanium Nitrid

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Country of Origin︰China

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Femoral Broach(Titanium Nitride), Femoral Rasps, Raspas Femorales Cementadas, Raspas Femorales No Cementadas

The femoral broach is used to shape the proximal end of the femur, removing damaged or diseased bone tissue and creating a cavity that matches the shape and size of the prosthetic femoral stem.

The femoral broach is inserted into the prepared femoral canal and impacted into the bone using a mallet or other appropriate instruments. As it is impacted, the teeth or ridges of the broach remove bone and create the desired shape in the femur.

Currently we fabricate the femoral rasps for corail femural stem.

The Corail stem is one of the most commonly used types of femoral stems in hip replacement surgeries. The Corail stem is designed to provide stability and long-term fixation in the femur. It features a tapered, anatomical shape that closely matches the natural geometry of the femur. The stem is made of titanium alloy, which offers a combination of strength and biocompatibility.

The femoral rasp or broach, including rasp handle or broach handle design and fabrication service is available.

ODM service is offerable!

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