Acetabular cup trial, Acetabular template, Acetabular sizer, Acetabular trial

Acetabular cup trial, Acetabular template, Acetabular sizer, Acetabular trial

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Acetabular cup trial, Acetabular template, Acetabular sizer, Acetabular trial shell, Trial acetabular component

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Acetabular cup trial is a component used in total hip replacement surgery, which is a common orthopedic procedure. The acetabular cup trial is a temporary implant that is used during the surgery to assess the appropriate size, fit, and positioning of the final acetabular (hip socket) component before it is permanently implanted.

Here's the information of the acetabular cup trial:

Purpose: The acetabular cup trial helps the surgeon determine the correct size of the final acetabular cup, ensuring that it fits securely into the patient's pelvis and provides stable support for the femoral head (ball part of the hip joint).

Material: The trial component is typically made of the same material as the final implant, often a combination of metal and a specialized medical-grade plastic called polyethylene. This material choice ensures that the trial mimics the behavior of the actual implant.

Variability: Acetabular cup trials come in various sizes and may have different angles to match the patient's specific anatomy. The surgeon selects the trial that best fits the patient's pelvic structure.

Adjustment: During the surgery, the surgeon can make adjustments with the trial to test range of motion, stability, and overall function of the hip joint. This step is crucial to achieving optimal implant placement.

Disposable: The acetabular cup trial is temporary and is replaced with the final, permanent acetabular cup once the surgeon is satisfied with the fit and positioning. The final implant is usually fixed in place using bone cement or may be a press-fit design.

Compatibility: The acetabular cup trial is designed to work with the specific hip implant system chosen by the surgeon, ensuring compatibility and successful integration.


Size: 44#, 46#, 48, 50#, 52#, 54#, 56#, 58#, 60#, 62#, 64 #, 66#.

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