Detachable Flexible Intramedullary Reamer, Modular Intramedullary Reaming System

Detachable Flexible Intramedullary Reamer, Modular Intramedullary Reaming System

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Detachable Flexible Intramedullary Reamers, Modular Flexible Intramedullary Reamers, Modular Intramedullary Reaming Systems, Modular Intramedullary Nail Reamers

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Flexible intramedullary reamers are medical instruments used in orthopedic surgery to prepare the intramedullary canal of long bones, typically in the context of treating fractures or correcting deformities. These reamers come in various types, each designed for specific purposes and varying in their features. Some common types of flexible intramedullary reamers include:

Antegrade Reamers: These reamers are designed for use in antegrade (from the top down) intramedullary nailing procedures. They are used to prepare the intramedullary canal of long bones like the femur and tibia to facilitate the insertion of flexible nails or rods.

Retrograde Reamers: Retrograde reamers are used in retrograde (from the bottom up) intramedullary nailing procedures. They prepare the canal for insertion of the nail or rod from the distal end of the bone, often used in fractures of the hip and femur.

Universal Reamers: These reamers are versatile and can be used for both antegrade and retrograde nailing procedures, providing flexibility for the surgeon during surgery.

Cannulated Reamers: Cannulated reamers have a hollow central channel that allows for the insertion of a guide wire or nail through the reamer itself. This can help maintain alignment and provide additional stability during the surgery.

Flexible Reamers: These reamers have some degree of flexibility, allowing them to navigate curves and contours in the intramedullary canal. They are often used when dealing with more complex fractures or deformities.

Solid Reamers: Solid reamers are rigid and do not flex. They are used when a straight and precise preparation of the intramedullary canal is required, such as in certain simple fractures.

Reamers with Depth Gauges: Some reamers are equipped with depth gauges or markings to help the surgeon determine the appropriate depth of reaming and ensure accurate placement of the nail or rod.

Reamers with Variable Diameters: These reamers allow the surgeon to adjust the diameter of the intramedullary canal preparation as needed, providing more customization in the surgical approach.

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