Corail Stem Femoral Broach(Rasp), Femoral Reamer, Hip Broach, Femoral Stem Sizer

Corail Stem Femoral Broach(Rasp), Femoral Reamer, Hip Broach, Femoral Stem Sizer

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Femoral Broach, femoral Rasps, Femoral Reamer, Hip Broach, Femoral Stem Sizer, Femoral Broaching Instrument, Femoral Canal Preparation Tool

Brocha femoral, Raspa femoral, Escariador femoral, Brocha de cadera, Medidor de vástago femoral, Instrumento de raspado femoral, Herramienta de preparación del canal femoral

Femoral broach is a surgical instrument used in orthopedic surgery, specifically in total hip replacement procedures. It is designed to shape and prepare the femoral canal (the cavity inside the thigh bone, known as the femur) for the insertion of a femoral stem component during the hip replacement surgery.

Here's the information of femoral broaches:

1. Purpose: The primary purpose of a femoral broach is to prepare the femoral canal to accommodate the femoral component of a hip prosthesis. The broach helps create a precise fit and alignment for the prosthetic stem, allowing for stability and optimal load distribution.

2. Design: Femoral broaches come in various sizes and designs to match the anatomical structure of the patient's femur. They are typically made of high-quality, durable materials such as stainless steel or other medical-grade alloys.

3. Surgical Technique: During the hip replacement surgery, the orthopedic surgeon uses a series of broaches with increasing sizes. The surgeon progressively inserts the broaches into the femoral canal, gently reshaping it and removing any excess bone or tissue. This process is known as "broaching."

4. Accuracy and Fit: Achieving a precise fit is crucial in hip replacement surgery to ensure the stability and longevity of the prosthetic joint. The design of the femoral broach contributes to this accuracy, and the surgeon carefully assesses the fit before proceeding to the next steps of the surgery.

5. Safety: The use of femoral broaches requires skill and experience on the part of the surgeon. Proper technique and a thorough understanding of the patient's anatomy are essential to minimize the risk of complications.

Currently we fabricate the femoral rasps to fit corail femural stem for clients from Argentina, India, etc.

The Corail stem is one of the most commonly used types of femoral stems in hip replacement surgeries. The Corail stem is designed to provide stability and long-term fixation in the femur. It features a tapered, anatomical shape that closely matches the natural geometry of the femur. The stem is made of titanium alloy, which offers a combination of strength and biocompatibility.

The femoral rasp or broach, including rasp handle or broach handle design and fabrication service is available.

Best Medical is the femoral rasp or broach manufacturer and supplier with good quality and competitive price in China!

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